THE FINAL RIDE: Lincoln Unveils MKT Hearse

LCT Magazine
Posted on December 7, 2010


A prototype of the next generation Lincoln hearse was made available in Dearborn, Mich., recently, in full view of photographers for various auto media. Of course, the MKT livery version, likely to be called the MKT-L, will be make its official debut at the 2011 INTERNATIONAL LCT SHOW in Las Vegas on Feb. 14, along with prototype limousine MKTs from Lincoln and DABRYAN COACH BUILDERS.

See blogs and reports on the MKT Hearse at JALOPNIK, CAR & DRIVER, and AUTO BLOG. In the 21st Century, "graduates" of Planet Earth will be ascending in a cross-over styled hearse instead of the station wagonesque models of yore. -- M.R.

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