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Posted on November 5, 2010


Today we finish up the first-ever Customer Service/Concierge themed issue of LCT Magazine. The articles and coverage point to a simple message: Vehicles mean nothing if they're not backed up with memorable, reliable customer service.

LCT Summit keynote speaker SCOTT DEMING showed attendees at our conference in Chicago how the strongest brands are those that create an emotional connection with customers; if you give them something that makes them feel good or enhances their self perception and image, they'll be back. Deming is featured in an article about customer "love letters," where clients tell operators why they valued their service. We'll also feature an up-and-coming Southern California operator who puts those principles into packaged reality.

Posted @ LCTMAG.COM now you can find the following helpful guides to improving customer service: MAKE IT MORE THAN A RIDE shows how building up and leveraging connections and chits makes or breaks your service; 10 WAYS TO CHARM THE CONCIERGE gives you step-by-step advice on winning over high-end hotel and resort business from those with the power to decide. [A valet may be an operator's natural enemy, but the concierge can be a best friend].

Next up is an abbreviated product review of the 2011 TOYOTA AVALON, a vehicle that lacks for nothing in the luxury department and could help pave the way to wider use of practical, affordable, sensible luxury livery vehices. The Avalon is another sign that chauffeured vehicle choices are growing.

Also @ LCTMAG.COM is the return of MARKETING TIPS from Create-A-Card Inc.'s marketing guru, Arthur Messina. Don't forget to take the latest LCT WEB POLL on the HOME PAGE as well; this month we want to get a sense of the regulatory landscape. We'll have more Nov/Dec content posted by Dec. 1. Your copy of the Nov/Dec issue is about to be sent to the printer, then bundled, sacked, and delivered in time for Thanksgiving.

-- Martin Romjue, LCT editor

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