Baby Lexus A Bust?

LCT Magazine
Posted on May 11, 2010


Just because a vehicle is a Lexus and it says hybrid, doesn't make it a luxury vehicle. Sales of the Lexus 250h are LACKLUSTER, but no one should be scratching their heads. We've learned that luxury lesson with the Toyota Prius. You can paint it black, but it's still the same old non-luxury compact.

And does anyone even remember the ghastly CADILLAC CIMARRON?

To qualify as luxurious and green, a vehicle MUST BE BIG, or it's just green. In the zeal to go green, let's make sure the concept of luxury doesn't get downsized to RENTAL CAR COMPACTDOM. Maybe the Lexus 250h should be renamed the Prius Plus? Truth in labeling? -- M.R. 

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