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Posted on March 31, 2010
I hope you like the smell of goose…because I think ours is cooked.
My friends we are really in it now. Our government now controls about 50% of our economy and along with that we are now subject to mandated government health care. The outlook for getting this massive billed repealed is looking bleak.
The hue and cry of the nation is to get rid of all of those who are in government that supported this bill and that sounds all well and good, but will it happen?
The limousine industry is dominated by individuals that have an entrepreneurial spirit — pro-business individuals who believe in the freedoms of the American people and their right to prosper. I’m certainly not saying that it is dominated by one political party or the other, and I can assure you, political affiliations mean nothing to me. I am speaking directly about the right of the American people to be free and our right to representation that enacts the will of the people, not some agenda that was only enacted in order to solidify the President’s legacy.
But I believe we all must admit to ourselves that such aspirations are now moot. We in fact live in a society that has an uncontrolled government which will be very difficult to roll back. Since the passage of this massive health care legislation, stories abound lately of how this bill cannot be repealed, that it cannot be undone, that we may be stuck with this massive takeover of one-seventh of the economy by the federal government forever.
Instead of working toward getting rid of this abomination, some politicians and pundits are talking about how it can be tweaked in order to make it more palatable to all of us. They are telling us that all of the lawsuits filed by certain states will be dismissed by the U.S. Supreme Court. History tells us that such rhetoric could be true. I submit to you the examples of Medicare and Medicaid, which were foisted on our country with promises of restraint and guarantees that the government would not attempt to control our healthcare system.
Medicare Act of 1965:
Nothing in this title shall be construed to authorize any Federal officer or employee to exercise any supervision or control over the practice of medicine or the manner in which medical services are provided … or to exercise any supervision or control over the administration or operation of any such [health-care] institution, agency, or person.
If you were to take a recent look at these programs, you would find that the federal government has not adhered to one word of this provision, nor is any of this language followed today. Past practices of our government repeatedly show that it has no intention of exercising restraint on our behalf.
All of us heard the hyperbole about how imperative it was that this legislation needed to be passed now. According to the Obama Administration, our healthcare system was in such crisis that it had to be passed immediately, and yet not one provision of this legislation goes into effect for four years with the exceptions of the immediate taxes levied by this bill. So our taxes go up with nothing to show for it for the next four years. Corporate and small business taxes will also take effect immediately. And by the time the bills provisions take effect in 2014, don’t think for a minute that the extra taxes paid for the next four years will be enough to fund it. It’s as if we are paying a mortgage for four years, but can’t move in until 2014. And once you do move in, you have to occupy the garage for the next six years. The arrogance behind this bill is almost beyond comprehension.
I will not comment on the specific effects of this legislation on our industry as of yet because the final version has not yet been written and therefore to comment now would be somewhat of a guessing game. However, in light of how this bill was passed with all of the backroom deals and underhanded arm twisting, it is not going to be pretty. I also would like to let you know that none of the people involved in the writing of neither this legislation nor its passage are subject to this coverage or its rules and regulations. That should tell you something about how good it will be for you if the politicians, select government workers, and big unions are exempt from its more onerous provisions.
I have already begun to hear chatter from a few operators that they are thinking of either limiting their growth or in some cases cutting staff to minimize harm to their companies from this bill. They want to reduce their liabilities and taxes. That should be disconcerting to all of us. With all of the recent stories I have read about the shrinking of this industry, such actions could only further exacerbate the decline.

— Jae Morey is vice president of business development with He writes two separate blogs that focus on the limousine industry. “LIMO-U” is a blog that is educational in nature and covers numerous topics about how to use limousine services for various events and other industry related topics. His blog “The Limo Lane” is about all things limousine with topics that are of interest to limousine operators and industry customers. 

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