NYTLC Now Says Cabbies Pushed Wrong Button

LCT Magazine
Posted on March 26, 2010
OOPS, I JUST KEEP DOING IT AGAIN AND AGAIN: The TLC suggests that most of the customer fare overcharges resulted from many drivers probably pushing the wrong button. Say again? Let's think about this. A widespread practice of overcharging is attributed to many cabbies pressing the wrong button on their meters; despite the fact that most cabbies spend all day/night in their cabs, handle multiple customers, are intimately familiar with their vehicles and equipment, were presumably trained/instructed on how the meters work . . and they just keep pressing the wrong button?! Isn't that like denying an affair by saying you accidentally got in bed with the wrong woman? Regardless of the pushback from cabbies, some skepticism of the TLC explanation is required. -- M.R.  

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