Bundling UP

Jim Luff
Posted on March 24, 2010
Chris Daughtry concert, dinner, and limo ride package bundled together on TicketMaster.com. Joint marketing helps sell tickets, meals, and limo service.
Everyone is looking for a deal in this economy. Somehow, the people seeking the deals must be able to find the deals. I have just implemented a first of a kind joint marketing effort in my area.
Working with our local arena and three local restaurants, we have put together a package that includes dinner, concert tickets, and a limo ride for two, four, or eight passengers.
The packages will be offered on our Web site, the three restaurant Web sites, the arena Web site, and Ticketmaster.com. The latter being the biggest advantage to the partnership since Ticketmaster sends e-blasts to thousands of people in my area that have signed up to be notified of local concerts. The package is another option to buying tickets and allows customers to book the entire package on Ticketmaster. 
The arena also does e-blasts, and while it is hitting many of the same targets as Ticketmaster, it offers a second exposure of our logo and a link to our Web site when people are searching for tickets online.
The restaurants want to sell food. The arena wants to get people inside to sell concessions. The arena does not sell tickets contrary to what most people think.
While you can go and buy tickets at the arena ticket window, all the money collected goes to Ticketmaster, which in turn gives the money to the concert promoter who uses the money to pay the artist and the rental fee of the arena.
Everyone is motivated to sell. Obviously people that charter limousines usually have disposable income that they use for entertainment.
While our e-mail list is certainly smaller than Ticketmaster or the arena’s e-mail list, it contains names and e-mail addresses of people that spend money on limousine service, making it valuable to both the arena and Ticketmaster in reaching even more people. 
It is even more valuable to the restaurants that can add our clients to their e-mail list, and likewise we can add their clients to our list. Bundling up our products and services together helps all of us to increase our exposure to the clients of everyone involved in the partnership. If this succeeds, we will repeat the process for every single major event held at the arena.

— Jim Luff, LCT contributing editor

Jim Luff Contributing Editor
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