On The Highway To Health Care Hell

LCT Staff
Posted on March 24, 2010
Well its official…let the insanity begin! Our government runs amok.
[EDITOR’S NOTE: The opinions expressed in this blog column solely belong to Jae Morey and do not represent the views of CheapLimoRates.com, or its affiliates, associates, and employees.]
I write this blog post knowing that less than four out of 10 of you are ecstatic about the health care vote that took place on Sunday evening. When I say "you," I mean Americans overall, since an even lower percentage of the generally pro-business operators in this industry are likely thrilled with it.
In the United States of America, 65% of us did not want this government takeover of health care. While everyone is dissatisfied with costly premiums, a vast majority of Americans are insured, and of those, a vast majority are happy with the health care they receive. So that adds up to about 200 million people who are against Obama-care. To the rest of you, I hope you will step forward and take responsibility if the system starts to crumble.
Basically, 219 Congressional representatives decided that the majority opposed to this plan should be ignored. Strictly speaking by the numbers, the elected claque which subjugated us to this mess is an infinitesimal fraction of the population, which by the way, won’t suffer any consequences to their gold-plated, tax-payer funded, government plans. Ditto for the Cadillac union health care plans, which were exempted from higher taxes in this legislation.
No matter where you stand on this issue, realize that the U.S. government has now taken over about 48% of the private sector of this country in the first year of Obama-world when you factor in the government bailouts of bankers, automakers, and other corporations. Think about that. The government has a “helpful hand” all over about 50% of the private sector. Want to know what that begins to looks like? Cast an eye across the water to Russia, China, Argentina, United Kingdom, just to name a few.
If you don’t get it, I ask you to think about this. Do a little research on these countries and look at their citizens and their lifestyles. You are in the limousine industry, you represent free enterprise, your paycheck depends on our capitalist system of business, and much of is crippled or stymied. How much time until it is all gone?
Here’s the bottom line: None of the legislators, let alone the President, really read this bill or can fully say what’s in the thousands-paged behemoth. They used deception, subterfuge, questionable tactics, and strong-arming to do a complete end run around a majority of Americans because they think they know what’s better for us than we do. Feeling like a child yet? Is Nancy Pelosi your new nanny? Our society is based on majority voices being heard and holding sway; now that is gone.
So as a limousine operator, what does it mean for government to control your health care plans, mandate coverage specifics, and fine you if you step out of line? Can you afford it? How long until they tell you where you can buy a house and what vehicles you can run in your fleets? Do you think that is over the top? Just two years ago, who would have thought that the will of the people would be so completely ignored?
In the near future I will give you the real deal on this legislation and its devastating effects on Main Street America. Today, I can only vent as a dumbfounded citizen, appalled at how a group of well-greased elitists could stick it to the American people despite all the polls, recent upset elections, and strong opposition to Obamacare.
At this moment, the people’s voice is no longer of any consequence. Our republic has been attacked, and if citizens with a clue don’t bring the brewing backlash in defense of liberty to full strength, you’ll be welcoming a radically new disfigured America.
— Jae Morey is vice president of business development with CheapLimoRates.com. He writes two separate blogs that focus on the limousine industry. “LIMO-U” is a blog that is educational in nature and covers numerous topics about how to use limousine services for various events and other industry related topics. His blog “The Limo Lane” is about all things limousine with topics that are of interest to limousine operators and industry customers.

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