Is Hollywood Ditching The Little Pet Prius?

LCT Magazine
Posted on March 15, 2010

A HOLLYWOOD ROMANCE: Wow, that was a whirlwind. A little "braking" problem in the relationship, and look what happens. Less than a decade into showing off its eco-consciousness with Prius worship, many Hollywood celebs ditched the little compact hybrid as a chauffeured companion at the Oscars. Now, Hollywood is not known exactly for lasting romances, but this relationship problem could get really nasty, since Hollywood has sold its soul to all varieties of green activism and poses. But never fear, as they say in Hollywood, there's always a second act, a "Ms./Mr. Next," a new fad, a new way to pretend YOU are the victim. Here's a vehicle tip to green Hollywood celebs: You'll get more satisfaction from THIS ALTERNATIVE TO THE PRIUS. You won't look so desperately obvious in your quest to be PC. -- M.R.   

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