Righteous Word To NY TLC

LCT Magazine
Posted on March 5, 2010

HASSLE-FREE, PLEASE: While the Times commentary applies to TLC RULES ON CABS, it doesn't take much of a stretch to see why the NYTLC now bans use of Bluetooth cell phone technology among all for-hire drivers, much to the inconvenience of responsible chauffeured transportation operators. Most chauffeurs don't talk on any cell phones when clients are in the vehicle and never have. That would be bad customer service, which means the profit motive goes much further in keeping chauffeurs off cell phones than any one-size-fits-all-ham-handed government regulations.

A quick call on a Bluetooth phone while the chauffeur is in between runs or driving alone should be all well and legal, given that hands-free phoning is far safer than manual hand-held. Now will someone please explain this to the Tranny Nanny before she grows into the 21st Century King Kong of New York, crushing black and yellow vehicles in her path? -- M.R. 

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