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Posted on February 10, 2010
GREEN WITH LIMO ENVY: Finally, going green, or at least meeting and talking about it, could be a big boon for the limousine and chauffeured vehicle industry.
I was doing some research on the Copenhagen summit that took place in Denmark last year and I came across some interesting facts that I thought I would share.
The summit itself was by mostly a bust. The purpose of the summit is to unite all countries in a concerted effort to limit global warming through the control of greenhouse gas and carbon emissions. However, with the Climategate e-mail scandal that broke just weeks before the summit and a lack of real commitment from the U.S., China, Russia and India to put any real solutions in writing, the summit resulted in no real change.
The summit attracted about 15,000 delegates, dozens of celebrities, and 5,000 reporters, along with nearly 100 world leaders, that resulted in more than 1,200 limousines being used daily by these visiting VIPs. Hundreds of private jets flew to the summit, being met by limousines from at least four different countries surrounding Denmark. Due to the large number of private jets, many of these aircraft were diverted to regional airports, some hundreds of miles from the summit itself. Limousines traveled hundreds of miles in some cases, delivering world leaders, delegates, and activist celebrities to the event each day.
The accumulated amount of carbon emissions from limos and aircraft during the event totaled about 41,000 tons. That would be equal the amount of carbon emitted by a city the size of Atlanta over the same period of time. With so many private aircraft and limousines participating in the occasion, it seems ridiculous that these same people want to save the planet by reducing greenhouse gas and carbon emissions.
I say that because another interesting fact that came out of the summit with regard to limousines is that only about 5% of the vehicles used during the event were carbon friendly. This was due to the fact that in Europe there are very high taxes on alternative fuel vehicles. This makes the cost of purchasing these vehicles very prohibitive to limousine services in Europe. Most of the vehicles were either gasoline or diesel vehicles, which in Europe are even less fuel efficient or carbon friendly than those operated in the U.S.
The purpose of this summit is to address the issues of global warming and climate change with commitments to reduce carbon emissions during the next 40 years. I think a good start toward such a lofty goal would be to cancel the summit between now and then completely. It would be a healthy start toward those aims.
However, I may consider petitioning the United Nations with a suggestion that the next summit meeting be held in the U.S. I think it would attract at least twice as many VIPs and be a boon for our industry. I mean if they are going to hold a climate summit, why not hold them here and help the livery climate?

Jae Morey is vice president of business development with He writes two separate blogs that focus on the limousine industry. “LIMO-U” is a blog that is educational in nature and covers numerous topics about how to use limousine services for various events and other industry related topics. His blog “The Limo Lane” is about all things limousine with topics that are of interest to limousine operators and customers of the industry.

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