OBAMANomics: Ritz-Carlton In Vegas To Close

LCT Magazine
Posted on February 10, 2010

ECONOMIC DEPRESSANTS: The Ritz-Carlton in Las Vegas will close in May, a casualty of the constant trashing of business travel last year by nitwit populist politicians, including President Obama who twice now has infuriated the Vegas tourism and convention industries with his anti-business gaffes.

The closure of the Ritz, due obviously to a lack of room stays by conference and convention goers, is just one example of how chauffeured transportation operators lose out. (No more Town Cars or even black Priuses pulling up to the lobby). Let the record show that politicians of both parties -- but far more Democrats than Republicans -- wanted to score emotional political points during the bi-partisan recession of 2009 by trashing companies for business travel and falsely portraying business travel as a Shangri-la on the road for the rich. This is one example of why President Obama's so-called stimulus package, now rendered a failure by its anemic results, helped to deliver double-digit unemployment instead of the 8% maximum that was touted. Now the employees of the 348-room Ritz can join the ranks of the unemployed in a city and state where joblessness exceeds 12%. And operators miss out on the opportunity to service a once thriving luxury destination. -- M.R. 

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