Global Warmistas Buried In Blankets Of White?

LCT Magazine
Posted on February 9, 2010

SYMBOLIC SNOWSTORM: Given the scandalous revelations of distorted data on so-called climate change, you have to wonder if the heaviest snowfall on the nation's capital in a century is supposed to mean something, as in a final burial of global warming mythology and accompanying green legislation.

How appropriate that the legislators most zealous in pursuit of green-related legislation in the name of avoiding climate catastrophe can't even get to the Capitol to legislate because of. . . record snowfall. How appropriate that the only vehicles able to function in such a cold climate are the four-wheel drive SUVs so vilified by global warming theorists and mystics. Once D.C. shovels the snow off the roads, it will be time to shovel the green political grime left behind. -- M.R.

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