ILCT SHOW TIDBITS: Award Winners & More

Martin Romjue
Posted on January 26, 2010

LAS VEGAS: Here's a random round-up and quick summary of info items from the International LCT Show:

2010 OPERATOR OF THE YEAR WINNERS: Red Bank Limo (1-10 vehicles), ETS International (11-30 vehicles), Lindsey Limousine (31-50 vehicles), Leros Point To Point (51+ vehicles) . . . Congratulations!

ASSOCIATION AWARD OF EXCELLENCE: Limousine Association of Houston/Joe Jordan. . . . Other finalists are Luxury-Base Operators Association and the Maryland Limousine Association.

MARKETING AWARDS: Best Business Card, Overland Limousine of Kansas City; Best Direct Mail Piece and Print Advertisement, Reliance Worldwide, U.K.; Best Web Site Home Page, Lindsey Limousine of Hartford, Conn.; Best Promotional Item, ETS International of Qunicy, Mass.; Best Brochure/Info Packet,  Partners Executive Transportation, New York City.

LCT sees strong attendance tonight at awards gala in the Palazzo Resort Hotel convention center; attendance boosted by 100 first-time operator/attendees with complimentary tickets. . . .

BOTTOM LINE 2010 VS. 2009 ILCT SHOW: Number of exhibitors, DOWN; number of attendees is tracking UP; trade show floor limo sales, UP; optimism, UP. . .

NATIONAL LIMOUSINE ASSOCIATION: Overland's Diane Forgy elected third woman president in the 25-year history of the organization. . . NLA manages to keep 2,000+ members despite recession. . . 


"Sell like Hell." -- Sara Eastwood, LCT Publisher & Show Chair

"Sell like Hell in 2010, and see Heaven in 2011." -- Jeff Nyikos, CEO Leros Point to Point during acceptance remarks

DAV-EL/HERTZ: Dav El CEO Scott Solombrino remained toned down and publicly mum in the wake of his new deal announcement with Hertz Rental Car. While moderating one panel discussion, the outspoken executive and past NLA president, who never shies from rhetorical fisticuffs, said he could not yet divulge many details of the deal because he is working with a public company more sensitive to public relations protocols. But, he added, "There's nothing to worry about here."


Cell phone/Bluetoot bans growing across the U.S. . . . . Government getting aggressive with regulations. . . . . Washington politicians clueless about the true needs of small to medium sized businesses. . . .Finding new markets/clients

SHOW-BLOWING TIDBITS:  N.J. operator gets window tint violation charges dropped. . . Town Car definitely going away. . . . Cadillac teasing industry with next gen concept luxury sedan. . . . Royale Ford Fusion Hybrid L gets more orders and grows in popularity. . . .

PREDICTION FOR 2010: Penned up demand to crack and start flowing in 2010, pick up in 2011, and go crazy in 2012. . .

-- Look for more updates in LCT E-News and LCT BLOG in coming days

-- Martin Romjue, LCT editor

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