Texas Mother-Daughters Team Succeeds With Service

LCT Magazine
Posted on January 21, 2010

DOING WHAT OTHERS WON'T: The family that owns and runs Krystal Transportation & Limousine Service in San Antonio uses several customer service techniques that other operators may find useful:

1) Bi-lingual 24/7 live reservationists/chauffeurs -- Such a service is becoming more important in urban areas with large multi-lingual Latino populations. LCT Magazine features this topic in the February issue to be distributed early at the International LCT Show on Monday. Operators looking to expand beyond traditional markets would be well advised to tap America's growing ethnic client base. And live, human voices may be old-school in the digital age, but still is the best way to communicate the warm, personal touch that can close a deal.

2) Giving the gift of gab. Treating a client as a friend goes a long way in building loyalty. Of course, knowing when to speak to a client is a fine art that the best chauffeurs know how to master.

3) Hand-picking chauffeurs when hiring; and then matching the right chauffeur with the right client. Good service and repeat business is all about relationships; the more congenial and personalized, the better.

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