Coming To Our Green Senses

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Posted on January 19, 2010

NEW BLOG: One industry blogger has addressed the "third rail" of green politics, namely, the issue of counting your carbon.

Jay Morey, vice president of business development for, has a blog called The Limo Lane. Looking at the lead post, it is refreshing to see some healthy skepticism and rational discourse emerging about the over-hyped and hyper-ventilated thesis on man-made global warming.

The deplorable Climategate e-mail scandal of late and collapse of the self-congratulatory Copenhagen summit will no doubt slow and redirect the stampede to go green. Operators need to stay informed of developments, as there is much money at stake. Earning green seals of approval is now strictly a cost-benefit calculation (Does added client business from green labels outweigh the cost of counting carbon?) as opposed to an inevitable moralistic crusade to ward off a so-called catastrophe.

Meanwhile, given the dreadful deep freeze of January everywhere in the U.S. except California and Hawaii, is anyone worrying about global cooling? Is it time to dust off the "science" from the 1970s?  -- M.R. 

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