Royale Fusion Hybrid L Goes On West Coast Tour

LCT Magazine
Posted on January 15, 2010


Steve Edelmann, director of sales at Royale Limousine Manufacturers in Haverhill, Mass., is taking the Royale Ford Fusion Hybrid L on a meet-and-greet-and-drive tour from San Francisco to Los Angeles next week, with plans to meet with operators in SF on Monday/Tuesday and in L.A. on Thursday/Friday. He then heads out to the International LCT Show in Las Vegas by Sunday. But on Wednesday, Edelmann takes the QVM Ford-certified Fusion Hybrid on the 400-mile/8-hour trip down the coast between the two cities. [TIP: Take the 101 so you can stop in Santa Barbara]. 

This is a chance for operators interested in seeing the extended hybrid livery sedan in action. It is the first viable black livery sedan to hit the market that combines the gas mileage of a compact (41 mpg) and plenty of legroom (extra 6 inches). With California being among the greener states, this vehicle should get a globally warm reception all the way around. Those interested in meeting Steve and the Hybrid in either city or along the way should contact him at (978) 771-6466 or [email protected]-- M.R. 

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