Bureaucratic Bungler

LCT Magazine
Posted on January 6, 2010

DUMBO GOVMINT: The chauffeured transportation industry is awash in regulations at all levels, some of them conflicting and confusing. But this gem nicely sums up the ineptitude among some regulators. . .

SAY WHAT? Kevin White, chairman of the Hillsborough County Public Transportation Committee, which regulates limousine/livery service in one of Tampa Bay’s most populous counties, recently commented in a public hearing on an operator’s application to add a Mercedes S-Class: “Just because it’s a Mercedes-Benz, in my mind, doesn’t make it a luxury limousine.”
Well, what else might not click for the officious and clueless Commissioner White? [“Just because it’s a Mack and it has 18 wheels, in my mind, doesn’t make it a tractor-trailer.”]

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