FEEL THE HEAT: One Big Carbon Spectacle

LCT Magazine
Posted on December 7, 2009

LIMOS TO HYPOCRISY: Let us first compliment the global warming cultists meeting in Copenhangen this month for helping boost the limousine industry. That will be good for Danish operators, and we at LCT applaud all operators who profit from special events and diverse clients. Secondly, by fueling the limo industry, the fevered warmistas are once again exposing their hapless duplicity about carbon grandstanding. You could not write a better Hollywood script about how a group of elites asking the world to radically cut carbon consumption and tank economies does so by converging amid a cluster of private jets, limousines, and chauffeured vehicles [That includes, YOU, Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio, Darryl Hannah, and every other vacuous actor, whether aspiring or fleetingly famous, who adorn their pearls of luxury transportation with a trinket Prius].

Meanwhile, CLIMATEGATE GETS BETTER as the underlying data for global warming theories dissolves; the SAUDIS are more trustworthy than Greenpeace; it's snowing in Sacramento; last week Houston had its earliest snow on record; major winter storm coming and it's stil autumn; and the forecast Wednesday night in my coastal Southern California community calls for a low of  41 degrees.

This calls for urgent global action for people worldwide to reserve and rent as many large, black vehicles as possible to provide economic stimulus, combat cold weather, and create a consciousness movement toward more pleasurable transportation. -- Martin Romjue, LCT editor

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