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Posted on December 2, 2009

STRADDLER ISSUE: We finally finished a historic edition of LCT Magazine today and sent it off to the presses moments ago; the Dec. 2009/Jan 2010 issue not only straddles two decades, but it debuts a redesigned look and format for 2010 and beyond. You'll find the new and improved LCT eases the info flow.

This issue, which should be in your hands in time for Christmas, includes LCT's annual new vehicle model guide, business travel outlook, creative pricing strategies, fabulous photos and take-home tips from the 2009 LCT Eastern Conference, and some of the 10 best charter tours nationwide. We'll be posting more features on Dec. 31, but for now, you can check out the following MENU OF FEATURES at

STRIVING FOR SATISFIED CUSTOMERS: The effort never ends. Veteran operator and LCT contributing editor Jim Luff describes a a balanced approach to making sure your customers keep coming back.

PACING YOUR PRICES: It's getting cutthroat out there as clients become more price sensitive and operators still must maintain minimal profit margins to keep their businesses going. How do you adjust your pricing in a tough market?

TAKING HER BACK: When economic times were flush, many operators ditched the wedding market and went almost 100% corporate. Well brides still reign in good times and bad, so some operators are now trying to win them over again and reconnect with the market segment that got them started in this industry.

GRACIOUS PRACTICES: LCT's savvy and seasoned publisher, Sara Eastwood-McLean, puts forth some useful principles on how to appreciate your customers and give people what they crave the most: Recognition.

LCT WEB POLL: How confident are you about your revenue picture headed into a new year with glimmers of recovery? Take poll right on the home page.

GET REAL BEFORE CHRISTMAS: Just add registration to the 2010 International LCT Show in Las Vegas to your holiday TO-DO list. Get it out of the way and look forward to the industry's premiere global event on Jan. 25-27, 2010. What better way to get rid of the post-holiday blues?

-- Martin Romjue, LCT editor 

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