GONE COLD: Can We Stop Counting The Carbon Now?

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Posted on November 30, 2009
The latest e-mail disclosures among leading climate scientists who blatantly tried to DISTORT OR ELIMINATE DATA contrary to the global warming theory only underscore the highly politicized and intellectually dishonest dynamics that  undergird the global warming debate.
Of course, many of us knew all along that global warming was politicized hysteria, but as the saying goes, we now have a smoking gun, and we’ve been had.
And let’s not forget, this is not the FIRST SMOKING GUN, as we know the environmental activist group Greenpeace has been goosing the data as well.
What does that mean for fleet-based businesses?
1) For one thing, get rid of any lingering guilt. Your big, black, beautiful vehicles are not changing the climate.
2) Second, stop “paying indulgences,” or carbon credits, let alone money for carbon-counting schemes.
3) Third, buy green vehicles and use them for the right reasons: Save money on fuel and energy, lessen our dependence on oil, run your business more profitably and efficiently, cater to client demand. 
If the leading scientists and their activists cannot confidently stand by their theories, then there must not be much of a global warming problem, if one at all. At most, human-generated emissions have an irrelevant effect on climate. AMPLE ARTICLES HERE.
The most grievous casualties of all the global warming groupthink and genuflecting have been the time, money, and energy wasted by businesses of all sizes who were bullied and browbeaten into playing the carbon game.
Tracking and evaluating your carbon emissions has now become a fool’s errand, given the new evidence that has come to light. Corporate clients that insist on carbon-crimped services for RFPs are wasting time on useless criteria, all for a public relations pose.
But if there is still money to be made on touting carbon reductions, then operators should go for it. As long as someone is willing to pay to feel good about the environment, then tell them what they want to hear. [“No, you don’t look fat in those pants.”]  
This e-mail scandal should come as no surprise given the continued evidence of a COOLING TREND. For the last several years, regions around the globe have experienced record low temperatures and unseasonably cool weather patterns.
As a result, sizable segments of the American public are becoming skeptical about the most outlandish, “Al Gore-ish” claims of global catastrophe, and growing suspicious of expensive, crippling CAP-N-TRADE SCHEMES that will cost jobs, raise energy prices, and hamstring modern life — while developing superpowers such as China and India ignore any restrictive environmental protocols.
Most telling, the media overall has presented GULLIBLE, CREDULOUS COVERAGE that is circulated to the majority of newspapers and media outlets in the U.S. Take, for example, the ever-shifting explanations in the face of evidence of climate cooling and GROWING DISSENT about man-made global warming among climatologists worldwide.
The first explanation put forth by the climate changists was a variation of the “no means yes” syndrome, where they tell the public that extreme cooling is a sign of extreme warming. Then, they used a variation of the “a meteorite will eventually hit the Earth” argument, by saying that the cooling is temporary and warming should eventually resume.
These “But. . .but. . “ qualifiers sound shrill and silly to say the least.
But now the warmistas have been caught burning down the wigwam. So what can the faith-based global warming believers say? It depends on what the meaning of warm is? (Is, is?)
In sum, the man-made global warming-driven rationale for greener policies has collapsed. Likewise, the carbon-measurement fetish looks perverse.
Someday, historians will look upon America’s and Europe’s fearful preoccupation with heated catastrophe and engorged oceans as one of the most delusional and diversionary follies of modern human history.
So there you have it. Life isn’t so bad after all. Hug a tree and pet a polar bear. There will be plenty of them around.
— Martin Romjue, LCT editor

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