Is Your Company A Football Widow?

Linda Jagiela
Posted on November 10, 2009

FOUL PLAY? Fall brings the football games that may rearrange some employees’ priorities.

Are you ready for some football? When the home team is on the tube, are you having a hard time getting coverage for your Sunday work? Not only are wives football widows, limousine and transportation companies struggle to get coverage when the big game is on.
Some suggestions: 
  • Request that chauffeurs and drivers are available one weekend a month.  But this is tough to do if your chauffeurs are truly independent operators. 
  • Hire a team of all female chauffeurs to work the weekend. I know this sounds sexist and that some women like football as much or more than men (this one included). Bring on the soccer moms!
  • Don’t take work when the game is on. (Yeah right, let’s turn work away)
  • Put those chauffeurs who refuse Sunday work at the bottom of the list for the next week’s work. Sounds harsh — how many people actually do this?
  • Pay a premium to work on Sunday (I can already hear the collective grunt). Call it the Chauffeur Sunday Football Differential.
  • Charge your client more for a game time pick up. Some of you charge the customer for early and late night pick-ups. How about a Sunday during the game charge? Wonder if that would fly? Give it a try and let us know what your clients think. Won’t that be fun?
I realize that I am being a bit tongue and cheek with this but as an owner I am certain that you have faced this dilemma before and will face it again. Sunday is typically the slowest day of the week. Chauffeurs know that they may only get one or two jobs. So why come out at all? This is only an issue if you have more work than staff, but when a group gets dropped in your lap and all of the arrivals fall on Sunday afternoon, will you come up short?
— Linda Jagiela, East Coast Editor
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