Operators Can Win With World Series Runs

Linda Jagiela
Posted on October 28, 2009
Make sure your chauffeurs stay in line and with their vehicles as clients and fans can become friendly and unruly.
PHILADELPHIA — For those of you who live in a closet, the Philadelphia Phillies will be playing the New York Yankees in the World Series. Those who know me know that I am a big time Phillies fan. The side bets have started with all the trash talking New York operators who think that the Yankees actually have a chance. 
The upcoming World Series has made me think of the practices of limousine operators with major events. As you may know, I have strong opinions about the topic of chauffeurs interacting with customers. I believe that people hire a transportation company to provide safe transportation to events so they can drink alcoholic beverages, knowing that they won’t have worry about getting home safely.
Transportation companies hire chauffeurs to drive their vehicles, make sure that the clients get to the venue safely, and makes sure that their vehicle is safe in a large public venue. 
Scenario: The client has an extra ticket for the World Series and wants to bring the chauffeur into the venue with him to watch the game.
Believe me, if I was driving the vehicle, I would be extremely tempted to take the client up on the offer. This may be a once in a lifetime opportunity to watch the Phillies crush the Yankees. But the answer is that I would have to turn the client down. I know that some of you will definitely disagree with me on this one, but I think I can present a very strong case for not allowing this to occur:
  1. Let’s start with the obvious. This blurs the line between client and chauffeur. When chauffeurs start partying with the client, you are asking for trouble even if they are not consuming alcohol. The excitement of the event might even give your chauffeur the opportunity to “party.” Can you be certain he won’t cross the line?
  1. Philadelphia is a great place to be a sports fan. Philadelphians have an opinion about everything. Remember that we throw snowballs at Santa (he deserved it — he’s a drunken fool). Having said that, I would not want my equipment left alone at a sports venue in Philadelphia with a bunch of overzealous fans. The last time the Phillies were in the World Series, Carey vehicles sustained damage to its vehicles from unruly fans while the chauffeurs were with the vehicles.
  1. Let’s discuss liability and insurance. If in the unlikely event your vehicle is damaged or vandalized while your chauffeur is in the venue with the client, how will your insurance company handle you claiming knowledge of the chauffeur not being with the vehicle? If you are going to participate in this practice, I suggest that you talk with your insurance company.
  1. Social media makes perception reality. Welcome to the age of Youtube. Imagine this: A video of your chauffeur in the clubhouse with the client watching the game with beer bottles all around him. Flash forward to a limo crash on the way home from the game. Won’t a jury have fun with that video when handling out punitive damages?
For operators who are partaking in supplying transportation for major events, I believe that you must have a firm policy that the chauffeur is not allowed to leave the vehicle at the venue punishable by termination.
For all of you Yankees fans, read ‘em and weep when the Phillies trounce the Yankees!

— Linda Jagiela, LCT Magazine

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