Not Quite Chauffeured Material

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Posted on October 22, 2009
LEXUS IS TOYOTA: You won’t forget that with the THE LEXUS HS250h, which is getting a lot of attention for its clever combo of green and luxury. Now we find out, the cuddly Lexus hybrid is basically a Prius platform all gussied up with a luxury makeover. That’s wonderful for commuters and consumers looking for a touch of class. And while we haven’t heard yet of any 250s joining black fleets, need we say that for the purposes of the chauffeured transportation industry, it all boils down to legroom and wheelbase. If the 250 is a Prius on steroids, then we at LCT can only say — no can do, not a limo, off with its livery head!
Here’s some advice to Toyota, courtesy of what has worked in chauffeured transportation: It’s all about the stretch. You take a Ford Fusion, a Town Car, a DTS, and stretch it just a few inches, then you are that much closer to the luxury, livery standard. Bank on building big. -- M.R.

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