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Posted on October 22, 2009
PULL NO PUNCHES:  A recent New York Times auto column says it best: “. . . mass-market hybrids like the Toyota Priushave been about as luxurious as a recycling bin, as racy as hemp Birkenstocks. Now, in the face of stricter mileage standards, a new generation of luxury hybrids and plug-ins is looking to convince affluent buyers that they can have their green cake and eat it, too.”
Well said, and very familiar, too, since we’ve been saying that at LCT for at least over a year, and insisting the industry should hang tough and sacrifice nothing when confronted with green vehicle initiatives. Oh, what flack we caught for stating the obvious, but such are the hazards for bravely defying politically correct trendiness. The Prius as a limo was a joke, a waste, a pose, a stinker, a rattle-trap of a fissured eggshell — an altogether unremarkable pubescent phasemobile to more “luxuriously sustainable” black chauffeured vehicles. We knew it would just be a matter of time and patience.
So, eat, eat, eat, that green cake and have it any which way, too. Let the Priusitic believers now go green with envy, while rolling around in and smearing themselves with the frosting. Stuff the Goreish activist global warmer footsies into their compacts and roll them to the Poles — the ones where the sun don’t shine, the compass turns confused, and the plentiful Polar Bears get very hungry. – Martin Romjue, LCT editor

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