Using News Sources To Increase Business

Linda Jagiela
Posted on October 5, 2009
PUT ON YOUR SALES CAP: How much time do you spend selling? Do you have a sales force or are you the main salesperson? I venture to say that in most small- to mid-size limousine and charter companies the owners are the chief sales people along with lots of other duties. Finding business leads is daunting and time consuming. Consider using Internet searches as a tool to find leads.
In my role as editor for the magazine, I have automatic searches come to email daily on various topics: limousines, tour and charter, taxi, Scott Solombrino, Dawson Rutter, etc. You get the picture. If any of these words show up in the news, I get the article link sent to my email box. These email alerts are powerful information tools that you can use to capitalize on business coming to your market.
Set up a search with the word convention and your city. Try “convention Boston” and see what comes up. I did this and what showed up was that Boston again landed the biggest biotech convention in the nation. If you are an operator in Boston, this could be a windfall to you if you act. First, put the date of the convention on your calendar. Next, find the website for the convention and see if it contains a roster of past attendees. Also look for names of exhibitors. Reach out to the organizers to see what their transportation requirements are and see if you can be put on the bidders list. Send emails or letters to everyone you can find who will be coming to the event letting them know that you are looking forward to helping them with any of their transportation needs. Reach out to local venues around the convention center that might host offsite parties and ask them for referrals. Also see if there are any local destination management companies working the event. Reach out to them to see if there is any potential business to be had. Sometimes all it truly takes is you reaching out and asking for the business.
Convention Centers and Visitors Bureaus brag when they get business to their city. This information is published daily. All it takes is a little research and a lot of persistence to get a piece of some of this business.
— Linda Moore, East Coast Editor 

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