OCTOBER LCT: Tech On Your Side

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Posted on October 5, 2009
PREVIEW: October is technology month at LCT Magazine, and although we are combining our October and November print issues this year, there's no reason to wait on TECHNOLOGY INFORMATION that can help you better run your business.
A SHOCKing 50% of all operators don’t even take or track reservations online. It’s not complicated, expensive, or time-consuming. Learn from an expert about the top 12 benefits of online reservations, and how such a set-up can win over new clients, save you money, and promote your operations.
Checking out potential affiliates and sizing up their rates can now be a lot like dating online. Operator/entrepreneur Michael Lindsey has started RateButler.com — the hottest new technology trend in the industry that simplifies the affiliate courtship process and keeps operators up to date on the latest changes among their network members.
The Internet can make or break your potential client flow. Placement at or near the top of search engine rankings increases the likelihood of the viewer “clicking thru” to your site. Learn about the latest acronym among tech-savvy business owners: S E O. Search Engine Optimization: Improving the volume of traffic to your website from search engines. Nowadays, “clicks” = “ca-chings.”


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