Take A Limo AND A Chartered Bus To The Prom?

LCT Magazine
Posted on October 1, 2009

WOULD THIS WORK? One New Jersey township is considering A THOUGHTFUL APPROACH to prom night:

Have a pre-prom "red carpet" event at the high school and then use chartered buses to take seniors to the prom at a convention center. The students could still "arrive" at the red carpet event in limos before heading off later to the prom on buses. The push to save money and discourage students driving to the prom are the obvious motivators here. But limo operators would stand to lose revenue if they were only hired for short one-way runs instead of service for an entire evening. But then students would still need to get home from either the prom site or the bus drop-off point.

LCT serves both the chauffeured transportation and charter & tour segments, and although the two are increasingly merging with operators running black vehicles AND buses, it's kind of a wash for us to see one segment gaining business at the expense of another.

The big question: Should students still be able to CHOOSE whether to get to the prom in a limo or a bus chartered by the school district? Look for more school districts to consider these issues in 2010. -- M.R.

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