Two Wheeling In The Limo Industry

Linda Jagiela
Posted on September 22, 2009
ROUGH RIDERS: With preparing for a wedding, my husband and I were not able to get the motorcycle out this year. The summer was just too rainy, and when the weather was finally good, we were working to clean up our backyard to host the big event.
My friend Carolyn Nelson mentioned that we should meet her in Ocean City, Md., so we jumped on it. If the weekend was nice, we were planning to be there. At our wedding, she extended the same invitation to Don Kensey and his wife Melody, who own Cross Keys Coach. 
The four of us rode down this past Saturday and clocked about 400 miles on the motorcycles. While at one of the dealerships, we bumped into Gary Matthews and his wife from Z-Best. As we sat and listened to a band, Don suggested that we should start a club of operators who get together periodically and ride. 
Maybe for the International LCT Show, we all could fly and ride the day before.  The idea was kicked around and I thought I would take it a step further on this blog to see how many people would actually be interested in starting a motorcycle club for limousine operators. I know many operators who ride regularly. David Eckstein of Valera Global had his bike at the Philadelphia Regional Limousine Association golf outing last week. I have seen Steve Rhodes of Rhodes Limousine show up on a bike for a few association meetings. 
If you are interested in starting a riding club with other limousine operators, jump on here and let me know. We all had a great time riding together last Saturday.  The more the merrier — so let me know.
— Linda Jagiela, LCT East Coast Editor
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