Luxury & Hybrids: Getting It Right!

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Posted on September 14, 2009

LINDA M. JAGIELA (formerly Ms. Moore) REPORTS:

Members of the Philadelphia Regional Limousine Association were treated to a sneak peek of what will be the future of sustainable vehicles. 
Steve Edelman of Royale Limousine Manufacturers in Haverhill, Mass. brought the new six-inch stretched hybrid luxury sedan to the meeting. I had to look twice to see what the vehicle actually was. The branding was Ford. The lines were sleek like a Lincoln Town Car albeit a little bit narrower. The interior was black leather with water and newspaper holders in the door. There is a 110v power port in the passenger compartment for the convenience of the client. The price tag on this vehicle is comparable to a Town Car. 
Royale says the ownership cost of this vehicle will be 50% of that of the Town Car. It gets 41 mpg highway and 33 mpg city. The vehicle is front wheel drive.  The ride is made smoother by the 17-inch wheels. Royale calls this the Hybrid L.
This is the first hybrid vehicle built specifically for the livery market with needs of the market considered in the manufacturing process. This is not a Prius. This vehicle is true luxury. You could put this vehicle up against a Lincoln Town Car sedan every day of the week.
Finally a manufacture is addressing the need for sustainable vehicles vehicle keeping the luxury element that our industry and clients demand. Congratulations Royale, you hit a home run with this vehicle.

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