BLOG BREAK: Labor Day Tribute

LCT Magazine
Posted on September 4, 2009


And anyone else who owns a business or works for a private sector enterprise. Labor Day traditionally devotes its commemorations to the dwindling confines of union labor. Well, at LCT, we want to "take the holiday back" and honor all those business owners and non-union workers, from the CEO to the barista, who toil in the private sector to fund the public one.

Regardless of how big government gets in its ballooned britches, we private sectorites get to wear the economic pants. During this painful economic year, let's hope and strive for a private sector that shall always far outsize the public one. Such a sensible concept is now endangered, with much of the threat coming from public sector unions.

So in honor of entrepreneurs, owners, executives, professionals, and private sector workers, LCT BLOG will take a break for Labor Day Weekend, returning on Wednesday, Sept. 9. We wish you the most taxless and thankful weekend possible. -- Martin Romjue, LCT editor 

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