Chevy Volt: Not So Fast

LCT Magazine
Posted on August 18, 2009

HOLD ON, THERE'S A CATCH: Such is the case with the CHEVY VOLT, hyped up based on its 235 mpg equivalent capability. If you run the numbers, you'll need a lot of time to break even for the privilege of looking green. But then, so what, since becoming greener is more about appearances. The silver lining of the Volt is that given growing corporate eagerness to be on the green scene, the Volt may very well flush out the little Toyota Prius from chauffeured fleets based on "mileage" and emissions. The $40,000 Volt price tag makes it consistent with the sticker costs of most luxury chauffeured fleet vehicles, and even some non-luxury ones. Many an operator likely can milk the PR value of the Volt -- "Cleaner, greener, than that little Prius" -- and get some eco-conscious corporate citizens to hop aboard.

Now, I don't want to make anyone green with envy at the green party, but the DTS-L, the Executive L, the Escalade, the Navigator -- still have more legroom. -- Martin Romjue, LCT editor

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