Chauffeured Recovery?

LCT Magazine
Posted on August 7, 2009
LATEST UPDATE: Marketwatch put out a state of chauffeured transportation overview this afternoon, which quotes industry figures SCOTT SOLOMBRINO, SERGIO SANCHEZ, SCOTT TINKLER, and our very own LINDA MOORE. Solombrino is not exactly known for being overly optimistic, so if the industry's unofficial oracle is looking toward renewed corporate business, then the bottom may have been reached. The article reports that 3,400 operators have either shut down or consolidated during the recession so far, which may be verified by our surveys next year, but the official LCT stats show about 9,700 operators in June 2008 versus about 8,000 in June 2009. LCT's latest unscientific poll shows half of operators believe their business bottom has been reached, the other half says not yet. -- M.R. 

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