Cadillac DTS Transforming?

LCT Magazine
Posted on July 7, 2009

UNCONFIRMED: Photo shows new, restyled successor to the Cadillac DTS for 2011. Ray Bush, program manager for Cadillac Professional Vehicles, told LCT today in a statement: "Cadillac is not prepared to discuss future product plans and does not comment on future product rumors."

SPECULATION: Sources familiar with the auto industry say automakers don't make new models official through P.R. efforts until about one year before actual release to retail dealers; they still want consumers to buy the current model years so people don't delay purchases to get "the new look." Ditto for a possible successor to the Lincoln Town Car which Ford plans to build at least through the 2011 MY. So far, Ford has refuted any reports of a Town Car sucessor, despite rampant rumors. The multiple sources and leaks along with adamant automaker denials at least raises the question of whether or not the chauffeured transportation industry could be getting two major new model revamps -- or at least confirmed new models in the pipeline -- by 2012 on the two biggest workhorse sedans of the industry. -- M.R.  

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