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Posted on July 2, 2009
Blog Comments Washing Away?????
NOTE TO READERS/POSTERS: Beginning Monday, LimoCentric will have to conform to a new comment/feedback system on our parent company’s content management system. That means all previous comments will vanish. We’ve tried to delay this as much as possible and even rearrange the electronic plumbing, but there’s no way around it.
Rest assured, we value all types of comments. Readers are welcome to re-post previous comments — all blog posts are archived under month/year and subject matter. Your new comments still can be posted live 24/7, and you have the option of registering OR commenting as an anonymous guest, or in some cases, sniper.
So, if you’ve posted something you regret or want to reword — such as insisting that the itsy bitsy Toyota Prius should be taken seriously as a chauffeured vehicle —  this is a new beginning. The old comments are gone and you can start anew talking back to LC with a fresh perspective.
Finally, for the industry sliver obsessed with an LCT-NLA axis of evil, we’ll state for the record that THIS TRANSITION IS NOT CENSORSHIP. We doubt that will assuage the ferocious factionette of naysayers, but we at least want to deter as much conspiracy mongering as possible.
It’s just not healthy for such LCT-bashers to hysterically hop and down like high-strung thespians at an amateur drama skit every time LCT publishes a fact or an NLA member goes to Washington.
So here’s to cheers to more bloggy fisticuffs. We don’t aim to stroke, but we do like to stoke & provoke.
— Martin Romjue, LCT editor  

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  • LCT Editor

     | about 10 years ago

    “Most of the above post by justme reiterates the same issues as his/her last post, without addressing pertinent facts to the contrary. . . Moreover, there isn't a shred of solution presented in any post by this author, just conspiratorial ranting. . . . I must assume that these posts are made anonymously due to a personal issue by the poster with the NLA and LCT. Therefore, I have found myself in a conversation with an ideologue, and my time is better spent elsewhere.” — Eli Darland, Rare Form Limousine, Seattle, 6/18/09

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