Don't Be Green About Going Green

LCT Magazine
Posted on July 1, 2009
GLOBAL WARMING RATIONALE COLLAPSING? Much of the green energy and green vehicles movement so far has been driven by the hypothesis that the earth is warming at an alarming rate and everyone must radically alter their modern lives, i.e. what you drive, to stave off its worst effects. Now, there is clear proof that scientific data contrary to carbon-generated warming HAS BEEN SUPPRESSED, which of course begs the question, WHY? So, once again, something just isn't right with the global warming motivator. What that means for operators and small businesses nationwide is that the alarmist environmental impetus to "greenify" a business is fading. Green decisions should simply be based on prudent cost/benefit analysis that encompass vehicle efficiencies, energy savings, and the more intangible public relations value. Be careful and skeptical of talk of carboon footprints and credits. Ask lots of questions and do your due diligence. -- Martin Romjue

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