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Posted on June 22, 2009

THICK SKINS ONLY: I believe that there are some in the industry who complain about us not writing the facts when they refer to this blog. Anyone can air an opinion. We try not to remove content on the blog unless there is an extreme circumstance. If you want to get into an argument with me or any other industry member on one of our topics, go for it. We let you. We only remove things that are in bad taste, which rarely happens. I have been called to the carpet on my opinions on the blog.  That is why we are here — to debate.
We did not take down the posting when an industry member called for my resignation over an opinion on rate structures. Having worked in this industry, I realize there are lots of different ways to do things. You know the old adage about opinions . . .
I encourage the industry to get involved and blog. Many people call me and tell me that I should write about this or that. I try to put all of those things up on the site because I think that we should be discussing what is important. I don’t agree with everyone’s opinion, but I also find that some folks come up with great ideas.  We truly are your voice and with this blog we give you the opportunity to speak. Take advantage of it.
-- Linda Moore, East Coast Editor
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  • Rachel

     | about 10 years ago

    I have heard the same rumblings from my local market for my blog. People seem to just get jealous or angry? I don't understand - it is opinion. I try to find some good facts. I do a bit of promotional or specials offers. I would love more subsribers - if you want to check out my blog at

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