Best Opp In The Industry?

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Posted on June 18, 2009

THIS WSJ STORY today confirms. Two separate mega-trends are bringing this opp to the fore: 1) The obvious one is the recession, which is forcing individual commuters and entire companies to look for more economical ground transportation; 2) The more subtle precipitator is a generational shift, as younger professionals look past old stereotypes of bus transportation and no longer consider "taking the bus" fourth-fiddle to cars, planes, and trains.

They're also trying to be greener and maximize quality time with their gadgets -- while saving time and money as well. Taking a comfortable motorcoach with WiFi access, legroom, and leather seats actually carries a cool cachet that cramped economy class on airlines lost a long time ago. One key question the WSJ article prompts: Why leave this market share to Greyhound and There are plenty of CT and C&T operators who can get in on this action. -- M.R. 

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  • David Merrill

     | about 9 years ago

    Having been in the Limo business for nearly 10 years, I found I was in the wrong business for the area I was in. Most of the time I got calls from people who wanted something that would hold 20 to 30 people. I started acting as an agent for a couple of local Motor Coach operators and found that this really works. I sold off my Limos, closed my Limo business and am now employed in the school bus/Motor coach industry. Keep a couple of Limos but the Motor Coach business is where it is at at least for now.

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