Crossing A Charter Jet With A Limo Bus

LCT Magazine
Posted on June 17, 2009
INNOVATION: A Texas entrepreneur has come up with a brilliant concept that points the way toward the future of "chartered" "jet-style" chauffeured transportation. And the Bed & Breakfast market is one waiting to be tapped. Let's hope THIS WORKS.

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  • Rich Mann

     | about 10 years ago

    Hello my name is Rich Mann it is my company and concept Mobilejets ( that you reference. Thank you for the good wishes. I have read many posts here and appreciate your input more than most who have offered the same. I have learned a lot at this website.Our concept is simple. If we offer a comfortable way for high net worth people to travel and work at the same time, then we both win. I have sold cutting edge technology for over 30 years. Each innovation offered really only one thing. A productivity enhancement. That is what we feel we offer the high end workers like doctors, lawyers and other executives. Do the math. It takes 4 hours from point to point to travel under 250 miles. It takes about the same or less to drive it. Four seats each executive is getting $200 per hour of more as their billable rate. That is $800 per hour for 8 hours of lost productivity in a day of travel. Then there is the cost of airfare, ground transportation, meals and even hotels for 4 people. Travelers can work and talk on the phone something almost impossible on an airline flight.There was a recent study that found that executives would rather drive themselves than fly under 350 miles. Mostly because they can use the phone and they have their own car available to them. We offer as safer and more productive way for them to do that.Increased efficiency means capital better spent and you get to sleep in your own bed. As Anne Morgan a national speaker on philanthropy said to me after riding in our mobilejet. It is also a ‘very civilized way to travel”.Our interiors cost more than $75,000 to make the environment conducive to productive luxury travel. We are betting a bundle that this will work and appreciate your wish this idea ‘takes off”. We have a strong financial backer and have the ability to rapidly expand to more than 40 cities nationwide should our prototype get traction. Franchises may be offered in the near future for those wanting to tap this

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