Numbers Drama

LCT Magazine
Posted on June 12, 2009
STUNNING REVELATION: You see, a long time ago LCT converted a Redondo Beach meth lab into an upscale numbers-cooking-school so we could hook the industry on our franchise and tilt the turf in our favor. (Yes, that’s a joke, but there are a few who actually would believe it).
This week, I interviewed Dave Allen, owner of Racing Limos of Spokane, Wash. He has eight fleet vehicles spread among three DBAs: Spokane Racing Limos, (stretch limousines) ExecuVan, (Ford vans) and Stars and Stripes Shuttle (Dodge Caravan taxis).
And therein lies the conflict over industry size: Does Allen count as ONE operator, TWO chauffeured companies (since one is a taxi service), or THREE companies?
We know our answer. What’s yours?

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  • gunny

     | about 10 years ago

    Luff, Of course Aventura's decision to use the 10k figure in advertising "selected #1 in the Nation" (the other 3 recipients get to fight for #2,3,4 advertising rights), or the as the number thrown in as part of a court filing is not LCT induced or supported. Just reflective of the teachings of the Redondo School of Numbers.

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