Trekking To Capitol Hill

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Posted on June 10, 2009
With sore feet and achy legs, I sit writing this report after a full day of meetings on Capit0l Hill with the National Limousine Association.
As an industry member, I personally want to thank every individual who spent the day walking the Hill. Some industry members met with aides and assistants to Congressional representatives who looked younger than my 14-year-old daughter. But these extremely intelligent young people hold the ear of their representatives and have the power to make things happen. Meetings with them were equally as important as those that were with the members of Congress themselves. 
For those industry members fortunate enough to get face-to-face meetings with Congressmen, they spoke well for the industry. If you were not there, they were your voice. I will be giving a more detailed report of the day in Driving Force next week and in the July issue of LCT Magazine. 
If you know an industry member who attended the Day On The Hill, pick up the phone and call them. Thank them for fighting on your behalf. Next year, I hope to see more faces on the Hill — both old and new. I sit here wondering what happened to those industry champions of days gone by who fought on the Hill in the past. You are still as important as you were then and just as needed. If you didn’t come this year, plan to come again next year. You started the momentum. Keep it going. . .
— Linda Moore, East Coast Editor

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  • Eli Darland

     | about 10 years ago

    Interstate travel is a national issue, whereas intrastate travel is a local issue. The association in question is the National Limousine Association, not the Local Limousine Association, Intercounty Limousine Association, or State Limousine Association. All three issues taken up with congress on NLA Day on the Hill 2009 are strictly national issues, which is fitting for an association chartered to work with the Congress of the United States and other Federal regulatory authorities.Most of the above post by justme reiterates the same issues as his/her last post, without addressing pertinent facts to the contrary in my prior post. Moreover, there isn't a shred of solution presented in any post by this author, just conspiratorial ranting. In addition, there is a curious blame placed on the National Limousine Association for addressing issues of a national scale. See Article 2 Section A of the NLA bylaws for clarification of the Purpose of the NLA, and find that these rants are greatly misguided.I must assume that these posts are made anonymously due to a personal issue by the poster with the NLA and LCT. Therefore, I have found myself in a conversation with an idealogue, and my time is better spent elsewhere.

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