2009 LCT FACT BOOK Preview

LCT Magazine
Posted on June 2, 2009

LCTMAG.COM: We've posted some preview information from our leading industry Fact Book today @ lctmag.com. The 2009-10 Fact Book documents through a statistically valid survey what has happened to the chauffeured transportation industry and how it's holding up during the worst recession since WWII.

Also posted today are findings from the first-ever Limousine Environmental Action Partnership benchmark green vehicles survey, and advice from LCT Publisher Sara Eastwood-McLean on navigating through difficult times.

The 2009-10 Fact Book also features the first-ever comprehensive snapshot of the charter and tour industry.

Look for more Fact Book highlights next week on all three of our web channels -- TECHNOLOGY, DRIVING GREEN, AND FINANCE & INSURANCE -- and in the Driving Force e-newsletter.

Print Fact Books are being mailed out. . .

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