NJ Prom Kids Busted For Pot Brownies In Limo

LCT Magazine
Posted on June 1, 2009
STORY HERE: Alcohol and marijuana are easy to detect; you can smell them right away. Cocaine leaves its own tell-tale residues and sugary veneers, not to mention nasal noises. But brownies? Just hide one in an inside tux pocket and nibble away. The issue here for operators is this: If school districts in their attempts to discourage limousine service and promote bus service to proms cannot succeed with the alcohol angle, they could very well use the "pot brownie" fear. But of course, even a pot brownie is easier to detect in a limo than 20 rows back in a prom-bound motorcoach. Will contract waivers now have to ban "baked goods?"  -- M.R.  

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