Motorcoaches Rank As Greenest Vehicles

LCT Magazine
Posted on June 1, 2009
WE ALREADY KNEW THIS: The activist-scientific group, Union Of Concerned (Worried?) Scientists, has declared the motorcoach the greenest transportation of them all. Well, of course you silly chin-stroking Sherlocks; the more people per vehicle's emissions, the greener the vehicle gets. You don't need to be a scientist or nibble on those carbon credits to figure that out. In any case, and more importantly, motorcoaches make sense from an economic and comfort standpoint. The newer ones have more legroom, panoramic windows, and all the wi-fi gadget access to remain fully plugged in while leaving the driving to someone else. These "findings" bode well for stretch limousines, too, since the more people ride in one the greener the vehicle gets. With improved passenger miles per gallon, you don't need to wear a smaller shoe to diminish your carbon footprints. -- M.R.

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