Business Debacle Strikes The JIM LUFF Vacation -- Part 3

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Posted on May 28, 2009
MURPHY'S VACATION LAW: Well, you know that old saying, "What could go wrong will go wrong?"
Yeah, that's my vacation the last couple days but in a big way. On Tuesday morning, I get a call from someone in the office who says she just used the restroom and "it won't flush away." I figure out what she is talking about immediately and momentarily have a fear that I forgot to pay the water bill.  I logically tell myself that is impossible because to have your water turned off you would probably need to be two or three payments behind and that just would not happen. I assume that it must be a neighborhood thing and call the water company to check.
Nope! Just our place has no water. They will send someone out. I sent myself out as well ruining my morning. This was only the beginning of a ruined day. By the time I arrive, a well-to-do person calls to inform us that over the three-day weekend we had left something on in the yard and water was gushing out and they could not get to it because of our razor topped yard so they turned the valve off at the building. I'm thinking a garden hose or something. Oh, no! When we turned the water on it became very apparent it was coming from an expansion joint in the concrete parking lot. In other words — under the concrete. Of course when a construction crew arrived, they let us know that the leak "may" be right under the place where it is coming out, but based on the silt and sand gushing out the hole it could be several feet away and just pushed out there. Lucky me — they only had to jack-hammer out eight feet of concrete. 
As this drama is unfolding, my office manager is walking toward me with tears in her eyes. Not unusual from one of the most emotional girls I know so I assume it is routine. She probably read a story about a kid that died of cancer. Of course the jack-hammer required that we go inside the office. As we walked to the office I could see this look of disbelief on the face of my office staff as well as other employees gathered in the office. I was immediately told that on Memorial Day one of our employees was tragically killed in a car accident. Apparently, we found out when he failed to show for work and someone called his house. A young man with lots of talent, ambition, and drive snatched away in an alcohol-related crash that seems so senseless. Magno "Daniel" Carranza,  24 was killed in car accident on Memorial Day, May 25, 2009. Carranza was employed as a detailer at The Limousine Scene for the past year. He was an energetic young man who came to work with a smile everyday and from the time he arrived until the time he left, he could be found working. With a good work ethic and excellent skills with an eye for detail, Daniel was a star employee.
Well, the leak was repaired. The water was turned back on and the grisly load flushed away. Later this week, a concrete company will fill the eight-foot hole. I sure hope insurance covers this thing.
Now, it is off to the beach. I have got to get away from this place for a bit. I hope to bring you a much better story in the next few days. . .

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  • Rachel

     | about 10 years ago

    Gosh why does Murphy's Law always strike at the worst times? Sorry for your company's loss.

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