Positive Uses For The Little Prius That Make It Go Zoom

LCT Magazine
Posted on May 11, 2009

LABEL IT JUST SO: As anyone who's visited LimoCentric of late knows, chatter about the litte Prius really gets the PC fur flying in some industry slivers, since it challenges traditional chauffeured vehicle identities and roles. But this article actually underscores the positive value of the little Prius -- as a viable and worthy green taxi-cab. (The little Prius also serves as an excellent commuter car and a cost-saving government fleet vehicle (utility checks, social worker runs, mayor-mobiles, etc.).

Most amusing is the wink-wink term "green limousines" used in the headline. Glad the headline writers applied tongue-in-cheek "quote marks," since even they can tell the little Prius is not a serious limo or chauffeured vehicle. But dressed up all in yellow with a driver, let that little Prius rip down any road. -- M.R.

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