WOW -- It's green, roomy, and affordable

LCT Magazine
Posted on May 8, 2009


The green vehicles now used for limousine purposes obviously are first-generation and still evolving. But they are worthy templates that point to a better automotive future.

With each passing model year, the vehicles become more efficient as the green-power sustains bigger, roomier models. With private and public sector green technology research set to mushroom in future years, the day will arrive when stretches, SUVs, big sedans will no longer carry the PC-stigma of gas guzzler.

The key lesson in green vehicle investments is: Don't settle for little or less, and never compromise luxury standards. Check out the LATEST INFO on the 2010 Lexus Hybrid 450h. You can also see more on LCT's Driving Green channel. -- M.R.

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