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Posted on May 1, 2009
ENOUGH NEGATIVITY, ALREADY. Tell me about the good things that are happening in your business. Industry consultant Charles Tenney says that you should always start meetings on a high note. Ask your staff what good things have happened to them lately. He also feels that you should end the meetings on a high note. Now more then ever, this is important. What’s good in your business? Has anything good happened in your life? This is your chance to tell them. A new grandchild? Hit the lottery (hey weren’t we sharing that ticket)? Tell me the good stuff!
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  • Limo Wire

     | about 10 years ago

    Wasn't the horse and buggy the origin of this business? I would think that would make it legit!A "livery vehicle" remains a legalism in the U.S. for a vehicle for hire, such as a taxicab or chauffered limousine, but excluding a rented vehicle driven by the renter. WikipediaI do not believe that it would matter what you can sell to anyone as chauffeured transportation as long as people are willing to buy it. Frankly if you can make a living with it in these times, god bless. Let's not get snobby about what businesses are doing, as long as they are legal and ethical what difference does it make what type of vehicle they provide. I did very well in my business with older clean vehicles but I kept my clients by providing them outstanding service. So if a client wants a green car with less ammenities but great service let the client choose that. Martin the chauffeured transportation business does not have to be big black fuel belching vehicles to be legit. And you could be stopping operators from looking at other business opportunities by saying so. Granted Toyota is not sending you advertising dollars to keep you riding around in the above mentioned vehicles but maybe LCT will have to explore other revenue streams just like most business today. I do find it sad that there are not more posts here about what is right with business and what other are doing to make their business right.

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