Avis WeDriveU Gets Driven Out -- Again

LCT Magazine
Posted on May 1, 2009
1) Many large, metropolitan areas have a separate Sports Authority that builds, maintains, and manages stadiums for the NFL, NBA and American League and National League Baseball.
2) In some cases, those stadiums are financed by a 15% tax on rental cars so as not to increase taxes on residents of the area.
3) To use WeDriveU in connection with an Avis rental car, you must have an Avis
Wizard credit card. You go to the Avis website and do the transaction for both the car and the "Driver" on the same page. You use the same credit card for both transactions simultaneously.
4) Since the money is flowing through Avis' website and/or its counter at major
airports, Avis is "Cooking the Books," running two cash register tapes, and concealing income that should rightfully go to the Sports Authority.
5) On an Avis illegal "Limo Run," say a nine-hour day, the amount charged for the driver would be five times the amount of money paid for the rental car, so the Sports Authority is denied their rightful skim of the take and is being defrauded and ripped off big-time.
6) Don't you think it's your boundient duty as a good citizen and a loyal supporter of your home team to report this travesty to your local Sports Authority?
Joe L. Jordan, President

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  • justme

     | about 10 years ago

    It will be interesting to read first hand the "Port Authority" ruling on Avis/WEDRIVEU. Of course a ruling from the NYCTLC (the VFH Regulator) would be nice also.

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