Swine Flu Advisory

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Posted on April 30, 2009
The City of Houston Aviation Department has asked for recommended actions to be forwarded TODAY for prevention of the spread of Swine Flu. You should already have read the fact sheet from the Center for Disease Control sent earlier today.
1) In a down economy, we realize you are not interested in discouraging corporate or tourist travel.
2) As a licensed operator however, you have a legal obligation to protect your clients and employees.
3) Swine Flu is deadly, highly contagious and an extremely serious medical emergency that is upon us, right now, as you read this.
You should send e-mails or faxes to your client data base to let them know that these policies will be in place until the emergency has passed.
1) Chauffeurs will not be allowed to shake hands with anybody.
2) Clients will be handed a foil pack with hand sanitizer and requested to use it before entering the Town Car. They will also be advised to not touch any surface while being transported.
3) Chauffeurs will be daily issued latex medical gloves and a paper respirator mask. If the client is coughing, sneezing or has watery eyes, the chauffeur is to exercise maximum precautions. Gloves are available at Home Depot and masks at any drugstore.
4) Bottles of hand sanitizer containing alcohol and spray bottles of Lysol or similar disenfectant should be issued to chauffeurs.
5) After each client is dropped off, the chauffeur should spray down lightly the passenger area of the Town Car and use hand sanitizer on his own hands.
6) Chauffeurs should use kleenex if they feel like they need to touch their eyes, nose or mouth.
7) All GPS units should be programmed to locate the nearest hospital ER should a client become seriously ill during transport. The dispatcher should be notified and a 911 call placed requesting instructions from Police  and Medical Authorities.
8) At the end of each business day, your maintenance personnel should use a disenfectant spray containing a chlorox base and lightly spray the entire interior, the trunk and all door handles.
These precautions may seem extreme for you. You could consider the repercussions should you choose to ignore them.

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  • Jim Luff

     | about 10 years ago

    Um, yeah.....that's why whole school districts closed. That's why countries banned flights from Mexico. Ignorance is bliss!

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