Why No Seat Belts?

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Posted on April 29, 2009

URGENT QUESTIONS: After this tragedy, suppose it's time for mandatory seat belts? If every car in America now is made with airbags, how difficult is it to require seatbelts for all motorcoaches? -- M.R.

From The Washington Post: Gerald Donaldson, senior research director for the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, said regulators in the European Union and Australia have required seat belts on buses since the 1990s. But he said the lack of U.S. regulations extends beyond seat belts. Motor coaches aren't required to have stability control that would protect against rollovers, a technology the government requires for passenger vehicles. Additionally, Donaldson questions the level of state and federal scrutiny of new bus companies, the thoroughness and frequency of vehicle inspections, border enforcement of the even more lightly regulated Mexican buses, the absence of training and driving standards for drivers, and loopholes in medical rules that allow drivers to go "doctor shopping" for required examinations. "It is the most unregulated commercial motor vehicle on the roads today," he said.


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  • Rachel

     | about 10 years ago

    I agree - why no seat belts!! My good friend was in the bus accident in Mexican Hat, Utah two Januarys ago. She lost her live-in boyfriend of 7 years. Because they weren't married (yet they were making plans and to start a family) it was a nightmare dealing with wrongful death. So far she has lost their home together and suffered physically and emotionally (was in a brace and hospital herself for 3-6 months). Here we are taking people to Vegas from Phoenix in party buses w/no seat belts. Boy did I feel guilty anytime I talked her her for a while - my industry caused her pain. I'm sad for her - I'm sad for the bus companies, I'm sad for the insurance companies. We don't have mini-buses YET but when we do - we will order with seat belts. Why don't the change the law?? Why don't builders just do the right thing and include at N/C automatically (okay so costs go up $1000 across the board per bus). We'd eat it to do the right thing. And how about school buses w/no seat belts?? It is just crazy!!

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